Senior Production Blog #4

Hello again.

The work I have been focusing on in terms of my senior production team has been revolved around completing a level progression and dialogue tree. Each level represents a particular memory revolved around the main character’s life, specifically her childhood. The level I was doing was the first level of gameplay. The main character has to collect candles to light a menorah for Hanukkah. In order for the player to figure this out, she must talk to her parents and get clues to where the candles are located. The player ends up finding all the candles, and receiving her first gift for Hanukkah.

There’s nothing too intense programmatically  going on here, so basically it was just a lot of checking for dialogue progression and picking up the candles. Most of the work will later go into fine tuning all the elements of the level, as well as squashing bugs.

Other than that, spring break is just around the corner, and me and the other game majors are sure ready for some rest and relaxation. See you soon!


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