#2: Haywyre – Scuplted

Cut to the chase: just go listen, fool.

This artist is part of an array of artists that I discovered through Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist, which has done wonders for my music searching. If you don’t have a Spotify account and you’re and audiophile like me, you’re missing out on some quality, tailored music recommendations.

Anyways, the way this song makes me move is similar to if a snake was wiggling and being pushed back and forth by his friends on both sides. Don’t picture that? Eh, I tried.

For fans of Pretty Lights, Vindata, and Hebona, this artist is excellent at combining calm with chaos without pouring too deep into either spectrum. This song is off of Two Folds part 1, which released back in 2014. I recommend giving this album, along with literally everything else he made, a biiiig listen or two.

Check out the website

Check out the twitter

Check out the soundcloud

Check out the bandcamp

Look at some really tiny hands


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