Senior Production Blog #5

Hello, everyone.

So some interesting things have happened since the last time I posted here.

First off, we had a massive overhaul on the narrative of the game, that means that a decent amount of design and programming went down the drain in order to accommodate for the incoming changes. This very much was a necessary action in order to really give the game the feel the team wants to convey to the audience and players.

This also lead to the new name of the game. Just Another Day.

The name we had before started getting less and less relevant due to the amount of iteration we went through, so this title finally is a good encapsulation.

What does this mean in terms of my work? Well, I get to do a lot more interesting things actually. I will be able to play more with the audio in the environment, as well as add some neat polish to the game that I will be able to mention more later, and finally be able to show more of what is to come. Once the game starts to wrap itself up, there will be plenty to visually represent instead of me just explaining things.

Until next time!


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