New Website Category: Song of the Day

Hello, everyone

I’ve been busy lately with “exercising,” also known as playing Pokemon GO, however, I decided that I’m going to add a new thing to this website/blog/whateveryoucallit. Song of the Day. Whenever I have a song playing in my head, whether it be currently played from a music device or stuck in my head, I typically share via Facebook or some other social network that song. However, I’m not really consistent where I post, and maybe that audience doesn’t really care all that much. That’s why I will have a dedicated part of this site for my personal music recommendations! It probably won’t be every single day, but I will try to keep it at least 2-3 times a week, more or less pending on my fluctuation of music listening. I’ll try not to bring up duplicates either, because that would be lame. The first post should be up right after this one, so see you there!


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