Senior Production Blog #3

Original Post: My Old Blog

This week has been relatively okay in terms of workload, but the one coming up is the final push into greenlight. The semester is slowly unfolding and revealing itself to be a harsh and busy one, but that’s nothing we can’t handle. What I’ve been working on since we last met was more implementation on managers and restructuring code. The biggest part of passing greenlight for us is rebuilding and redeveloping the foundation they had from last semester and giving it that push that allows us to go straight into the final iteration of the game. There was a lot of cutting back and refactoring with the story and other aspects of the game in order to see this vision clearly.

A hiccup in the project was finding out that the composer we have outsourced has taken on his own ridiculous workload, so that means I will actually be able to take on some of the composition. Allowing me to be more creative in the project, I feel, will help me be more motivated on working on it more in depth and feel less obligated to have to work on it.

That being said, more will be said next week!


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