Senior Production Blog #2

Original Post: My Old Blog

Hello again.

It’s been a couple hectic weeks since I last updated everyone here. Getting situated in all of my classes and slowly realizing that the end is coming is pretty rough on me, but I’m pulling through.

Anyways, the work I’ve been focused on with Senior Production involves helping structure the architecture of the game, including Sound Management and Game Loop management. My goal is to provide an easy way to access necessary things to develop the pace of each level in the game, as well as prepare to execute the next level and manage key things inside the level. Right now there is a bit of a scatter of information throughout the game, and the goal is to consolidate a lot of similar items into one thing that manages them all. It’s a lot better in the long run than making spaghetti code all over the place. It isn’t the worst thing to do that sort of thing in production, because you are on a short clock. But if you have the time, structuring code only helps!

That’s about all for now, later on I will be focusing on more sound-related things and more of the meat of the game. I’ll also be able to show more visually as well!


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