Senior Production Blog #1

Original Post: My Old Blog

Hello again, everyone.

I’m picking this blog back up now that my final semester is starting up, however, if you want, you can follow my work in a different format I will be consolidating it to a more professional format on my portfolio here:

That will be where I do almost all my portfolio and blogging from now on, except I might still keep blogging over here.


I will now be focusing on weekly updates on the game I am working on, 12 Months and a Day. This week has been an introduction of the new team members. This consisted of a big group meeting as well as a smaller programming team meeting to get familiar with the code and sort of designate where me and the other programmers will be handling most of their work. Once this week is over I will be going full force into development and will be able to provide more in-depth updates about the work I will be doing.

Until then, good luck to all the people starting a semester, and have a great weekend to everyone.


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