Halcyon Dev Blog #10

Original Post: My Old Blog

End of the Line

My team has finally reached the end of capstone, and we are looking forward to the next semester. Although my team made it to be one of the 9 teams of the 18 that were in total to move on, we had a lot of things to consider.

-My team passed with provisions, meaning we were on a probationary period where we had criteria to fulfill before being guaranteed full access to senior show at the end of next semester.

-We had to recruit new members that fit to the necessities of what our team was lacking for next semester.

-We were all slowly collapsing from this semester, and are pondering what our future would look like for next semester.

Given the amount of unknowns that we had to play with, we were very hesitant about the future of our game. It was great news to have passed, but we were still on thin ice. After talking to all of the members of dissolved teams, we had a clear idea of who we wanted and who we were assuming to get for next semester. Due to the unfortunate circumstances of the informal drafting process of our graduating class, we had a very low commitment rate of people for our game. Most people didn’t like the political nature of our game, which we were aware would be a taboo thing for most students. Individuals overall had a bigger preference for the other 8 games that passed, so we felt left in the dust.

After a large amount of hours banging our heads against the wall, we decided as a team that we were going to dissolve, due to heavy risks made by the provisions set to us, and not having guaranteed assets for next semester. As unfortunate as this news is, it is also a big sigh of relief for most of us, because our workload is more smooth for next semester. This is the end of the line for Super PAC Bros! but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great project to work on.

The drafting process has now ended, and I have been recruited to another team for next semester: Twelve Months and a Day. This blog will now be used to update on our progress on this game, as well as my other updates on my solo projects. I am the audio direction and general programmer for Twelve Months and a Day, so prepare to hear a lot about my implementations on sound and music. I’m very excited to be working on this game for Senior Production, and have a much larger team to be working with. As the semester comes to a close, it puts me in a much more relieving position, especially after having a lot of stress-related ailments that came from my work habits during this semester. I hope to rest and relax a lot this break to be able to pick up and go smoothly along senior production and then graduation. The future looks bright, and I’m not letting it dim.

Talk to everyone in a few months!


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