Halcyon Dev Blog #3

Original Post: My Old Blog

We made a hard decision:

These past few weeks have been the final hurdles of our Initial Concepts sprints. We prototyped all 3 of our strong concepts, and brought them into the fiery pits of QA. Once we are approved to move on with the concept that we chose, I’ll spill the details of which one we chose. Until then, this post will just be me showering you with more art, design, and build concepts.

What have I been up to?:

Glad that you asked. I’ve been prototyping our concept Lurker, an isometric puzzle game with heavy Horror elements.

This prototype was meant to test out the systems we wanted to implement in the game. This mainly included the Units, their abilities, enemy AI, and pathfinding to objectives. The biggest struggle was finding a comfortable control scheme to QA with, which the testers mocked me for. Overall, this conveys the very basic idea of what we wanted to create.

Next time should be when I release the actual game we chose, and some further iterations and buildup to the vertical slice. I’ll leave you with some more fun pictures made by my artist Amanda Hollick.


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