Halcyon Dev Blog #4

Original Post: My Old Blog

So I’ve been really busy the past couple weeks, and I’m here to show you why.

My game has had a significant makeover not only visually but conceptually.

We’ve ramped up the feel and play style of the Debate Gameplay, allowing players to fight over a podium in order to raise their popularity. The person with the most popularity by the end of the match wins.


Players that stand at the podium are vulnerable to attacks, for if they step off or shoot from the podium they no longer accumulate points, as well as taking damage on the podium knocks you off.

You don’t always have to make yourself vulnerable while trying to get to the podium. There are switches that allow you to punish others while not getting into the fray yourself

The money your player spends while shooting, and the money dropped from player deaths disappears from the map, but not necessarily gone forever. The money that isn’t picked up is funneled back into the game’s economy in the form of money bags that spawn on the map; the economy is always balanced through the entire game (and hopefully the entire multiplayer session soon!).

There are many more features that I haven’t explained that are behind the scenes, like the overall purpose of the money and why this is happening, but that will come with another update.


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