Halcyon Dev Blog #2

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We killed one of our children

After the design discipline meeting on Friday, we got some very useful and needed feedback about all of our concepts. We also met to discuss changes to some of our concepts.

Capital Puni$hment: We changed the background of the idea to instead having the player play as politicians running for president nomination. Players are granted a sum of money for their campaign fund to invest into certain states (which are the stages) that allows them to have the upper hand in the debates (2D arena combat). Players can get side objectives during debates that shift their playstyle for the match. For example, the Government could give you the objective to get ten shotgun kills during the debate. Winning these grant you extra currency, an advantage in the polls, or something else. Feedback was that this was low scope and easy to implement, and the theme works well with the concept. The concept is relevant to what’s going on right now in U.S. History.

Lurker: Feedback was that it would seem to benefit this concept to have a bigger focus on puzzle aspects rather than horror or real time strategy. The formula and structure of the core gameplay lends itself to having a fun puzzle experience. Monster could be irrelevant to the pressure of the situation.

Husker Report: Feedback was given that in order to convey this concept better, we need to storyboard out an interview from start to finish. High art risk, and design intensive.

Daisy: Feedback was HIGH ART AND PROGRAMMING SCOPE. In order for this game to succeed, we need convincing and scary AI, as well as intense environment and heavy assets. Hardest scope of all concepts. This may lead to the concept being cut as a whole from the three we need to present.

Today we are presenting these iterations and seeing what the class thinks. Hopefully soon we will stage challenge and finally go down to our strongest concept within the next two weeks.

Show us some things.

Okay well to end this off, here is some concept art for the main character in The Husker Report: Sarah Husker


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