Halcyon Dev Blog #1

Original Post: My Old Blog

We’ve got some action going on.

The past couple weeks, my Capstone team has been in the hyperbolic time chamber to brainstorm some solidified and meaty concepts to move forward with. We ended up narrowing it down to 4 different concepts. These are the concepts, briefly described:

  1. (Capital Puni$hment) A 2D, local multiplayer arena shooter, where you play as capitalist investors, that shoot money that they earn over the course of the match in order to kill opponents, with a behind-the-scenes black market for rigging the matches to grant you extra cash along the way
  2. (Lurker) A third-person, real-time strategy horror game where you control a multitude of units that must escape an underwater lab without being overwhelmed by a hostile test subject. The player has access to multiple units of different class variations that allow unique ways to navigate the area.
  3.  (The Husker Report) A first person strategy puzzle game where you play as a detective armed with a device that allows her to visit a memory of a person she is interviewing in order to uncover what happened at the scene of a crime, as well as find key elements to determine a bias and seek the truth of the case.
  4. (Daisy) A first person survival horror where you play as a robotics engineer that is trying to disable a hostile robotics project thesis during its spasm, while not dying to it.

So what’s the deal with these?

After this week’s feedback from the class, in addition to a design discipline meeting, we have iterated on these ideas further, and this Monday we will present the results of this iteration. A following post will be right before we present.


A screenshot of the first version of the first concept prototype (Capital Puni$hment). See you Monday.


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