Halcyon Dev Blog #7

Original Post: My Old Blog

(Because the version of WordPress that I use doesn’t support uploading audio, please refer to my original post for the audio of this post. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

This is the second song that we made for Super Pac Bros! This was a single pass, improvisational punk piece written by me (drummer), Jared (designer, bass), and my roommate Cody (guitar). The theme of 70′s and 80′s punk was derived from the heavy political influence of the genre at the time, and thus it was a perfect fit in our game. It provided a rebellious and hectic theme to the Debate Mode of our game, which really melded together with the gameplay. The second minute of the song picks up tempo, indicating that there is only a minute left before the Debate Mode round is over, and the last 15 seconds is a wall of noise, conveying to players that they must wrap everything up. Because of the rush, and the small amount of studio time provided to us, only one attempt at the song was made, then some mixing and mastering took place to level everyone out. If there was more time in the semester, we would’ve had a more polished layout of the song, as well as multiple versions to keep it unique and interesting to the players.


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