Halcyon Dev Blog #6

Original Post: My Old Blog

(Because the version of WordPress that I use doesn’t support uploading audio, please refer to my original post for the audio of this post. Sorry for the inconvenience.)


Here’s a song that I made for one of the two gameplay modes for my game. The goal of this theme is to provide a patriotic and catchy theme to the political campaign management that occurs in this mode. Being subtle and having a smooth loop is key to making themes that will repeat over the course of the mode. The build up and break down is there to get the players in the mood for the hectic gameplay that starts post-campaign mode.

As for the Debate mode theme, that’s going to be pushed to the end of next week. I’ve taken the liberty of recording a studio session at my college to make the punk-inspired theme of the game more organic and realistic feeling. I wasn’t happy with the instruments available to me in Logic, so this, I feel, is a better approach to what we want to convey. More updates to come soon about our polished game this upcoming week!


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