A Late June Update

Hey Hi Hello AHHHH,


I have fallen off the face of the Earth this past month and a half, however, for a very good reason.

I graduated. Yeah, that was neat.

But also, I got employed shortly after graduation, and haven’t really stopped since then. I had a solid 3 days off before I went into work, so I’ve sorta lost track of time and have seen days fly away in front of me (neato).

But I’m happy to say that I’m finally doing stuff that is worth blogging about. Other than learning basically EVERYTHING at my job from the ground up, I’ve picked up a little urge for some web programming and applying my new skill set. I also recently converted to Discord, from Skype, for chatting with my dev friends, and we’re having a blast with it these past couple days. I highly recommend you go and use it yourself because there’s so much you can do!

Just to name a few things:

  • Change volume levels on every person individually (and with ease)
  • Assign roles to different users in your server (admin/lackey/normal person/etc)
  • Dark theme (Skype was so blinding)
  • Great Mobile/Desktop/Web applications
  • Multiple Server management
  • Instant voice channels and separate, categorized text channels

But, most importantly, for us dev nerds. BOTS…. SO MANY BOTS

Yeah, you can integrate bots that can perform tasks and manage your servers. You can pick some polished ones off of this place, or you can make your own, because you’re a savage dev, hungry for customization and freedom. You can start by grabbing the API here for most standard languages.


Anyway, that’s a neat thing I’ll be working on. Stay posted for a relatively finished product to be posted on here, and maybe even a more usable version for the public in the future.

Until then, take it easy.


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