Bear Freedom

Download the build here

Ever wanted to know how it feels to be as free as a bear? Ever wanted to relax and play a 2D free-running experience? Ever been bored? Well I can help you with that.

Framework was in XNA. Language coded in was C#

Music done by XXYYXX.

Bears, trees, and clouds not made by me.


The purpose of this project was to demonstrate all the material that I had learned during my 2D graphics class my sophomore year. Using depth, parallax scrolling, particle effects, animation, and draw buffers, I created the base environment for a great feeling 2D game. If I was more artistically talented I would be able to really push the demonstration to its full potential.


All of the background and scenery scroll alongside the player at different speeds to indicate their depths in reference to the player. All the trees have randomly generated positions and depths, as well as the clouds. There are slight amounts of z-fighting with the trees because of how close of a z value they have in the scene, and with more time I would’ve polished that out.

The cool thing that I got to implement with this project is a day/night cycle, in which the screen slowly dims down to represent night, and afterwards there are shooting stars that come from the sky.


I want to spend more time making beautiful landscapes to wander through with my games, and that will come with being able to provide the art to make that happen. Playing with lighting is another thing I have to explore in order to really get something realistic. In the future I will revisit these concepts and be able to make you really feel like a free bear. Until next time!


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