Senior Production Blog 7

Hi everyone,

Time to finally deliver.


He’s a (unfinished) screenshot of what our game is gonna look like. The characters that aren’t the protagonist are represented as cardboard cutouts because they are merely figments of the player’s imagination and memories. We sort of play off this concept throughout the entire game. The scenery depicts a very happy, cartoony feel to it, which eventually distorts to a less saturated scene of dismay.

I’ve been working on the main menu of the game since last week.

This is a rough draft of the main menu to intro scene transition that we have implemented. It will look more full once we receive the final textures for the assets. The menu merely paints a small picture of what is in store for the player during the game, and foreshadowing can be seen in many aspects.

Finally, I’ll leave off with a little bit of scene navigation. Next time will probably show off more polished versions of everything.


See you then!


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